Facebook Group Training Session

Our Facebook team training package will give you a 1 hour training session online for you and your team in relation to how to be creative on Facebook.

We will cover the 5 WH questions and why these are important when it comes to engagement as well as giving examples of where these can be used effectively.

We will look at important days of the year which are necessary for social media marketing and give you the opportunity to create engaging posts on our private group in a safe environment.

This training is ideal for teams who engage in network marketing strategies.


  • Access to our private group
  • The 5 WH questions
  • Why engagement is key
  • 1 hour training session
Some knowledge of Facebook for Business is required for this mentorship package, please speak with us beforehand to ensure this package is suitable for you.  Please note we can only accept teams up to a maximum of 15 colleagues in one training session